How It All Started

On Monday 30th July 2012 one of my friends from college who I hadn't been in contact with in a long time posted to her Facebook profile that she had been featured on I clicked the link she'd shared and was amazed to see that she'd transitioned from relaxed to natural and is now sporting some super fabulous natural curls!

I had recenlty been thinking about my own thin, damaged hair and debating what to do with it on an upcoming holiday, so I guess I was in the mood for a hair-epiphany and boy did I get one! By looking through the BGLH website I came to realise that black girls' hair can grow long - even those of us who have "nappy"/"kinky" hair have the potential to be sporting length.

Over the next couple of days I became really interested in reading up on how to care for and grow long textured hair. I started off on sites that focussed on natural hair, and wondered if I should transition; then I wondered whether people with relaxed hair could also attain such lengths and I was pleasantly surprised to find (with a little research) that this too was possible...and so I have been inspired to start on my own hair journey.

I'm not planning to transition to natural at this stage, but I am going to start a healthy hair routine armed with the wealth of knowledge that's out there on the web (and a copy of the book The Science of Black Hair. I will be documenting this journey via this blog and hope to gain some support from others who are going through their hair journey too  joining in discussions forums/social networks.

Please feel free to leave me comments with advice or questions related to my posts. At this stage I don't see this blog being a "how to guide" to attaining long healthy hair - more a place to tell others about my experiences in the hope that they may find it useful.

Here's to becoming hairtastic!

Ms Henissi x