Goals & Progress

This is where I will document my goals and then update regularly with progress.

Starting Point - 1 August 2012

Neck Length (NL) but damaged
My hair when I started


You can see from the starting photos that my hair has a lot of breakage around the hairline (and in patches all over that these photos don't show (see my post on Chop Day for breakage pics) and very thin, uneven ends so at this point I'm not aiming for length a lot of length; my number one focus is health - which I'm defining as moisture and increased thickness.

In order to achieve this the first things I'm going to do are identify the products my hair likes and develop a healthy hair care routineLonger term I will be aiming for Shoulder Length (SL) as a starting point.

So my current goals are:

  • Identify products that work well
  • Develop a healthy hair regimen
  • Neck Length (have thicker, fuller, stronger hair) by February 2013
  • Shoulder Length (SL) by December 2013